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Ботанический сад ПетрГУ
Совет ботанических садов России, Беларуси и Казахстана.
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Price of excursion in English - 1300 rubl' (10-00AM - 3-00 PM).

Money mouth

Preliminary request by phone (in russian) +7 8142 789448 or 765482 in English - Alexey Falin  (deputy director) - +7 911 4108266

What you'll find in the garden?

  • Plant a tree on your wedding day


  • Book an excursion or a good rest on the nature


  • Excellent seedlings

grown in the research and production nursery BS PSU and adapted to the conditions of Karelia. The implementation only in the Botanical Garden of the green hands of the leading agronomist - Vladimir Kovyaka.


 Also, probably:


  • You will feel the mystery of "Devil's Chair"

  • May the Force  of "Hyperborean labyrinth" be with you

  • Can visit other worlds of Universe on Karelia UFO

Be cautious.

The garden is protected by dogs, wild animals (Russian Bear) and insects (not only mosquitos)!!!

Our rocks are extremely slippery in the rain!!!


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