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Ботанический сад ПетрГУ
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The botanic garden was founded in 1951 on the northeast coast of Petrozavodsk bay of Onego lake, on the southern slope of the relic volcano.

Exposure of the Botanical Garden and its natural area open to the public on weekdays from 9-00 to 16-30 . Please vehicle owners in advance to leave the garden, otherwise you may be behind a locked gate . Entrance to the Botanical Gardens is only possible from the street Prishvina. Entrance from the Botanicheskaya street will be closed in 2014.

Pedestrian entrance possible from the  Prishvina and  Botanicheskaya streets. Please foot garden visitors in mind that after 16-30 on weekdays and on weekends continuously, garden guarded by dogs, especially in the collection of nurseries and exposures. Parking Zone "P" marked on the picture.
Nature reserve territory is the part of Botanic Garden. Here we study and protect plant communities and endangerd plants.

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